About Kari

Hi there, I’m Kari Solomon, owner of Aspire Resumes.

I help job seekers in transition launch new careers with confidence!

I’ve mastered the career pivot and know exactly how to reframe previous experience to support new career goals. Not only have I helped countless others navigate through unknown terrain as they learn how to market their backgrounds and skills to target new careers, but I’ve been through that uncertainty myself.


My Career Path

I thought I was going to be a college president. Working in higher education was the perfect combination of everything I loved: Leading, learning and helping others pursue their dreams. I loved advising students on their majors and career choices. It was as a college administrator that I noticed that the people who needed the most help got the least amount of guidance. When my colleagues were drawn to working with the students who had it all figured out, I was drawn to working with the non-traditional, first generation and international students. These students had extra obstacles to overcome that required a different approach when it came to career strategy.

Then, I did something unheard of: I left my dream job.

When I thought about having kids, I had always planned on continuing to work outside of the home. But the needs of my family became too much to manage while working, so I decided to take a step back from my career. As hard as it was to make the decision to stay home, it was important that I owned the decision. I knew that someday I would return focus to my career—I just didn’t know how. Then a few years later, life intervened once again.

When the dot com bubble burst my husband lost his job twice within 6 months. VC’s were pulling funding and start-ups shuttered completely. With two young kids, that uncertainty hit us hard! Needing to update his resume once again, I attended a resume workshop at our local library to see what was new in the world of resumes and job search. It was at this workshop that I looked at the presenter and realized this was how I was going to plan my re-entry! After helping my husband update his resume, I worked toward becoming a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

I started Aspire Resumes as a part-time business that would pave the way for me to get back into higher education, but I didn’t plan on enjoying being an entrepreneur as much as I did. That part-time beginning turned into a full-time career. And once again I found myself drawn to working with those that needed more than just the usual approach: career changers, those needing to reassess career options after a lay-off, women returning to work after a career break, and—staying true to my roots— new grads. What all these job seekers have in common is that their resumes need to work extra hard at connecting the dots between their backgrounds and their target roles.

That’s where I come in: I clear a path for those who need more than just the usual approach to job search strategy.

my approach

Personaity & Psychology driven branded resumes

I stay grounded in industry knowledge so my clients can feel supported in reaching their goals. While other resume writers might use plug-in style templates for quick turnaround, I take time to get to know my clients, and to truly understand their ambitions, personality, and what makes them unique.

I use a little psychology, some graphic design, and a lot of wordsmithing to create personally branded resumes, LinkedIn profiles and career marketing materials that target their ideal positions. I know exactly what it takes to get my clients from point A to point B (even if their path is a little windy, or if they’ve veered off course for a bit).

more about me

Outside of work


My biggest challenges and accomplishments have occurred outside of work. Being a mom has made me strong, resilient, and has grounded me. What some have attached a stigma to, I see as my greatest asset.


I love being outside. You might find me paddling, biking, rock climbing or hiking in the parks around the Greater New York area.


I met my husband in Spain. Whether travelling abroad or relaxing in our own backyard, he is still my favorite person to hang out with.


I am dedicated to making my community and the world a better place and believe: Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Black Lives Matter, No Person is Illegal, and Love is Love. I often give presentations and workshops to organizations that support these ideals. If you’re affiliated with such an organization and would like me to present on job search and career topics, contact me at Kari@aspireresumes.com.

Ready to Launch your
Career with Confidence?


what my clients say

Writing your resume gets more challenging the longer you work. Kari can help you make sure that you highlight the right skills and experiences.

Bryan C.

I recently updated my resume with Kari Solomon. I am a very satisfied customer! Kari is professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to get to know what my career goals were and she provided coaching on current resume trends. I highly recommend her work.

Jenny S.

Kari did fantastic work on my resume, I would’ve never come anywhere close to it on my own. It’s punchy and sharp, and just having it makes me feel like a better candidate!

Joe M.