Changing Career Paths

Whether you’re deciding you need a change, or it’s been decided for you, your next job is going to be different than your last. Perhaps you are unhappy in your current career or maybe you are out of work and need to reassess your career options. Whatever your situation, your old resume and LinkedIn profile just aren’t cutting it. They neither reflect you nor the new direction you’re taking. And they definitely don’t stand a chance against the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) bots that filter resumes looking for the exact right keywords for the positions you want. 

That’s where I come in. I have 10+ years of experience guiding people in transition on how to embark on fulfilling new careers.

In order to move forward confidently, you need:


Resume and LinkedIn profile that re-frames your old experience to target your new career.


Career branding that highlights your unique accomplishments and transferable capabilities.


Career discovery coaching that gets you headed in the right direction.


Job search coaching that allows you to access the hidden job market.


Mock interview and interview coaching that help you transfer your talking points to your new career.


Let’s work together

If you are ready for something new but not sure how to get there,
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