Re-entering the Workforce

Maybe you planned your career break, or maybe, like me, life intervened. Either way, you are ready to relaunch your career, but not sure how to go about doing it. Whether you’ve been away from the (paid) work world for a year or 10 years it’s not always clear how to get back in, or when to start planning for your re-entry. It doesn’t help that there are real care-giver biases that still exist in the workplace or that resume and job search trends have changed since you last created a resume.

I’m here to show you how to get back on your career path.

Through years of experience working with women and care-givers re-launching their careers I know that in order to feel confident in what you have to offer,

you need:


A Resume and LinkedIn profile that target your ideal positions and get through the Applicant Tracking System bots that filter resumes.


Career branding that is modern and frames your non-career experience so it’s an asset.


Career discovery coaching that helps you discover opportunities that align with your background, and helps you plan your relaunch strategy.


Job search coaching that allows you to access the hidden job market.


Mock Interview and interview skills coaching that help you dust off those interviewing skills.


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