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Resume, LinkedIn profile & coaching information

Are your resumes Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-friendly?

Yes, I write ATS-friendly resumes for job seekers. Sometimes a client may want a more condensed, graphic resume for networking purposes. Those may be formatted in a way that is not ATS-friendly and should only be shared directly with the receiver.

What format are your resumes?

I provide resumes in Word Doc (for editing and submitting through ATS) and PDF (for emailing and printing). If a client works in an industry known to have older Applicant Tracking Systems, I’ll also provide a plain text document. I design resumes in a clean, easy-to-read and attractive format that reflects the client and their industry.

How much do resumes cost?

Resume Development is $550 – $1200 for resume-only services. Packages with Resume Development and LinkedIn Optimization begin at $849 -$1349 and can save clients $250-$850 over a la carte pricing.

Can I do an a la carte resume without all the other package items?

Absolutely. I offer Resume Development or LinkedIn Optimization as stand-alone services. Packages group the services that clients most often select to best ready them for their career launch. For those clients who want multiple services, the packages give them savings over the a la carte prices.

Can you just update my resume?

I only do edits and updates for clients that have a resume previously written by Aspire Resumes.

Do I need to give you my LinkedIn login?

No. I will rewrite Headline and About sections and provide it to you in digital form so you can easily copy and paste into your LinkedIn profile. I also provide a section-by-section analysis that includes any actions needed to improve that section. 

I see you mentioned reviewing my old resume. What if I don’t have a resume to send you?

That’s OK! Just let me know and I’ll send you a resume worksheet that will help you organize your experiences and skills. You’ll be able to fill this out prior to our consultation, so I’ll have a good sense of your background.

Do I get a chance to review my new resume?

Yes! You get two rounds of revisions on all written documents.

Do you just do resumes?

Aspire Resumes offers full-service career branding and job search strategies. This means in addition to Resume Writing, I also do LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Job Search Coaching, Mock Interviews and Interview Coaching. I also write other career marketing materials, like professional bios, cover letters and thank you notes. 


Process, Payment, timeframe and other details

What is your process?

I spend a lot of time listening to you in our 1 hour in-take session, asking questions to get to the information that will make you stand out, and reviewing your old resume to identify why it’s not working for you. I also work with you to identify target positions, and source position descriptions that epitomize that target. Then I create a resume that is targeted, easy to read (by both ATS and humans) and has a design that reflects your personality and your industry. It’s a little bit psychology, some graphic design, and a lot of wordsmithing!

For your LinkedIn Profile Optimization I do a full audit of your Profile, assessing everything from your headshot to your engagement. I use an intake form to ask questions that get to the heart of your personal brand, and rewrite the Headline and About sections to reflect your new brand. I provide suggestions for cover photos, give feedback on your profile picture, and make suggestions on all other sections so you can attract recruiters, hiring managers or potential clients. 

Do you have a specialty/niche?

Yes! And no. While I work with people from many different industries, my superpower is helping people like yourself frame previous experience to support new career goals. In other words, my specialty is working with people in transition: Career changers, women re-entering the workforce and recent graduates.

Can I meet you in person?

All consultation, in-take and coaching sessions take place over the phone. Mock interview sessions are done using zoom.

What’s the timeline for your services?

Once you decide you want to work with me, we pick a tentative project week. Project weeks are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis, based on when payment is received, and are confirmed when you make payment. If for some reason you need to delay your payment, we will release your project week and reschedule to another time. All initial writing takes place during that project week, and you will have a rough draft by the end of that week. Any revisions are made within three days.

What goes into determining your fee?

Complexity, industry and career level. Complexity considers the amount of work involved, and industry and career level influence the value the resume has to the client (a resume is going to have a higher value to someone who is senior level, working in a high earning career than to someone who is just starting out in, let’s say, the nonprofit sector).

How do I pay you?

You will be invoiced through my payment system, which allows payments by bank transfer or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Work on your project begins once full payment has been received.

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