Dread doing your resume and not sure where to start? I know how to get you to where you want to go.
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Resume Writing

A stellar resume can decrease your time between jobs, help you land your dream job, or relaunch your career. Resumes are highly targeted, customized to your career needs, and feature a modern, updated design that’s easy to read by both humans and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

What’s included:


Pre-Resume Strategy Session


Identification of Target Positions


Resume Makeover


Shareable PDF version


ATS-friendly Word document

LinkedIn Optimization

An optimized LinkedIn profile has the potential to enhance your professional image. Drive recruiters, hiring managers or potential clients to your LinkedIn profile and engage visitors with customized branding and messaging. You not only get new content for your Headline and About sections, but also action items on how to improve all those other sections you didn’t know were important.

What’s included:


Strategy Session


Custom branded Headline and About content


Cover photo recommendation


Section-by-section optimization recommendations

Job Search Strategy Coaching

Is your only job search strategy to apply to jobs that are advertised? If so, you’re missing out on most of the jobs out there.

The current job market requires utilizing multiple approaches to get your foot in the door. In our 1-hour coaching session, we identify how to tap into the hidden job market and discuss the best strategies for finding positions in your target field.

Mock Interview & Interview Coaching

Has it been a while since you’ve last interviewed? Or maybe you have no problem getting interviews but are having difficulty getting offers. With a 1-hour Mock Interview Session you get to practice via a ½ hour video or phone interview, followed by feedback and coaching on how to improve. We can also schedule additional one-on-one coaching to further hone your interview skills. You get the practice and strategies you need to go into an interview feeling confident.


Job Search Packages     

Ready to Launch your
Career with Confidence?


During our consultation we will select a tentative week for your project. But project dates are only confirmed once invoice is paid in full (schedule is set on a first-come-first-served basis, based on receipt of payment). During your project week, I will be researching and writing your career materials, and will have a first draft to you by the end of the week. Be sure to pick a week when you will be available to respond to additional questions and approve drafts and revisions in a timely manner. Any delay on your part could cause a delay in delivery of completed documents. You will have the opportunity to have two rounds of revisions, and any requested edits will be returned to you within three business days.


What my Clients say

After 3 years of searching for a new position using my OLD resume with absolutely no results, I finally admitted to myself that my resume needed professional help. A friend of mine recommended Kari. Kari was easy & comfortable to work with and very professional and helpful. Only the second time I sent my new, professionally written resume out there in the job-search world, I received a call from a large corporation requesting a phone interview! It was definitely a smart investment having Kari write my resume.

Stephanie P.

Kari is an amazing résumé writer! With all of her creativity and knowledge of resume writing she was able to create me a #1 résumé that was recognized by all the companies I wanted to work for. Thanks to Kari my résumé was able to represent my personality and I was able to land the job I truly desired! Would recommend her to anyone I know.

Geena G.

I am so glad I reached out to Kari! I have known her for many years as an acquaintance, but as I was considering refocusing my career path, I reached out to her to ask about her resume and job search services. From the beginning, she made me feel at ease. Like many people in Career Services, Talent Acquisition or HR, I am happy to help someone take a look at their own resume, but dread working on my own. Kari made the process fun and easy. She took the time to understand what I was looking for, found positions I might be interested in to make sure she was on the right track, asked questions, and ultimately delivered an amazing package! I am thrilled with my resume and how Kari pulled out the skills that I have and have proven in previous jobs that directly lend themselves to the positions I am wanting. Her work with me on my LinkedIn profile was exactly what I needed. And her advice on job searching, using my networks, and utilizing LinkedIn to it’s full capacity is proving to be invaluable. I had already started spreading the word to friends and colleagues about how worthwhile working with Kari had been before I even saw the final product. Now, I can’t tell enough people how fantastic this was. I know that I have saved myself weeks – if not months – of trying to do all that Kari was able to do in a matter of a week or so. Thank you so much for your help, Kari!!

Paige D.