Starting Your Career

You are ready to embark on your career, but you worry that your capabilities are not coming through on your resume. It’s hard to get a company to take a chance on you when you are unproven. Or even to take a look at your resume when it’s full of part-time jobs and that internship where you just fetched coffee. It doesn’t help that your resume looks like every other new graduate’s who’s looking for a job.

That’s where I come in. Having started my career in college career placement, I have helped countless students find their first jobs.

In order to feel confident in what you have to offer, you need:


A Resume and LinkedIn profile that highlight what you are able to do and get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) bots.


Career branding that allows you to stand out from the pack.


Career discovery coaching that helps you strategically target the right positions for you.


Job search coaching that allows you to access the hidden job market.


Mock Interview and interview skills coaching that will help you craft your elevator pitch and practice your interview responses.


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